9 Apps People love to Have on Bigcommerce Store? & Why?

The Core Motive of all Bigcommerce platforms is to enhance sales. There are different Apps which when embedded along with the Bigcommerce stores boosts the sales and bring huge conversions. Here, We will discuss the best free marketing Apps that should be installed along with Bigcommerce platforms so as to get efficient results.

1. Zopim

Zopim Live Chat - 9 Apps People love to Have on Bigcommerce Store? & Why? - BigCommerce Devlopment Company

Zopim is live chat software which can be easily integrated to your store without efforts. Zopim empowers you to have a look upon who is on your site and track the products they are viewing. It help meet customer queries at earliest by providing solutions in live chat. The app is free for single user but has payment plans for more than one users. It provide real time information to the users and visitors.

2. JustUno

Just Uno - 9 Apps People love to Have on Bigcommerce Store? & Why? - BigCommerce Devlopment Company

JustUno provides a platform where you can consolidate your apps. It provides E-mail Pop-ups, Exit Pop-ups, Mobile Optimized Pop Ups, Cart and Checkout Abandonment Offers, Banners, Bars and Slide-Ins , Form Integrations, Contests, Form Integrations, Drag-and-Drop Design Canvas, A/B Testing, Single-use and Bulk Coupon Codes, E-mail Auto-Responses for newly acquired leads & Real Time Dashboard and Analytics. It help you collect a large number of email addresses and increase website conversions.

3. Retail Tower

Retail Tower - 9 Apps People love to Have on Bigcommerce Store? & Why? - BigCommerce Devlopment Company

Retail Tower is a powerful app that automate shopping feed submission to several shopping comparison engines like Google, Amazon, yahoo etc . It lets you upload your products and list them on these engines . The more availability of your products end with more Traffic as well sales to your site. It brings in millions of shoppers who can upload their products via single interface.

4. Sellbrite

Sellbrite is a cloud software where you can list and sell your BigCommerce products on multiple channels. Sellbrite helps you to manage orders, control Inventory and provide reporting. It is very quick to set up and is easy to use. Sellbrite provides fast listing of bulk products. You can even relist the products.You just need a single sellbrite account to connect to different sales channels. It helps you sell products around the world.

5. Ecommerce Email Marketing

eCommerce Email Marketing - 9 Apps People love to Have on Bigcommerce Store? & Why? - BigCommerce Devlopment Company

Soundest is the Email Marketing Tool made specially for e-commerce. There is no need of coding or designing here, you just need to install it and start working. It provides signup and pop-up forms to get the Email campaign list and saves your time by providing Unique Product Picker. There are pre-built campaign templates and can be customized easily. It provides campaign booster that boosts the campaigns.This tool helps in sales tracking and providing detailed reports. Email automation is also done by providing welcome Emails, recovery of carts and following up the order. It provides guarantee of deliverability.

There is Free-trial of 14 days in which one can send upto 15,000 emails per month and 2000 emails per day.

6. Social Feed

Social Feed - 9 Apps People love to Have on Bigcommerce Store? & Why? - BigCommerce Devlopment Company

Social feed provides easy solution to increase conversions, SEO and website time spending. Social feed displays fresh content from your social channels. It is customizable and help you match designs of your website perfectly. Social feed the content from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and many more social sites. It helps to increase conversions by providing social feeds for your Bigcommerce site. It supports every language text.

7. Convead

Convead - 9 Apps People love to Have on Bigcommerce Store? & Why? - BigCommerce Devlopment Company

As we have salesperson in offline stores who greet the customers and provide them the directions, same way convead acts as a automatic salesperson for your online store. It will direct the online customers by providing them right choices to pick offers, gets their email and phone numbers so as to update them frequently and offer them different valuable things they can get from the store. If the customer tries to leave the store without spending time or buying anything, it find different ways to get them engaged.

In this way convead had helped many stores get emails of their customers. It initiate chat with the customers and stay in touch with them by sending them newsletters or marketing emails. It helps store owners sell more by engaging more customers.

8. Cue Connect

Our main aim after developing a store is knowing more about our customers and engaging them in sales from our store. Cue connect boost the store conversion rates and helps you build meaningful profiles that can directly pull customers towards your store and also adds funnel opportunities which enhances your path to purchase with Amazon like experiences. It puts your shoppers identity,their Email address, name and core of the marketing.

Features of Cue Connect:

  • Cue Widgets
  • My List
  • Engagement Incentives
  • Triggered Offers
  • Targeted Notifications
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Data Integrations
  • Pricing

Hence, we have discussed the top free Apps which are widely used for marketing purpose in the Bigcommerce platforms i.e reduce workload and Increase output. They enhances productivity of our websites by providing additional features. They help us market our product and website everywhere possible and helps engage more customers which results in increasing sales. Adding these Apps to your Bigcommerce stores is not that difficult but sometimes their handling becomes bit fussy. If you are stuck somewhere and need any consultancy contact here.

  1. Interesting list. The optimizely one does not work, unless you have significant experience with coding in the back end. To use that one, most people would have to hire someone to do the work. Their customer service is not very helpful either.

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